Imagine yourself at the supermarket deciding what brand of milk, bread, rice, tooth paste, soap you should buy from your shopping list... Bombarded with what seems to be an endless variety of brands in every product category, which one do you choose?

Personally, I want to choose the product with a scannable bar code that I can redeem for a digital reward. One that I can scan and store in my digital wallet. The choice between 10+ different brands of milk, bread, rice, tooth paste, soap now becomes a simple time saving decision, a no-brainer. The one that rewards me for being loyal to the brand of choice. The one that makes me not only a consumer, but a brand ambassador!

The digital reward in the form of let's say 'Milk Token', not only has some small share of value, but it saves me time at the store and makes me feel rewarded for choosing this particular brand, time after time. To me, this digital reward is a direct reflection of how the brand should, and in the near future will interact with me as a customer.

I do not care for stickers or other pseudo rewards offered today. Give me something I can use, and turn me into a brand ambassador. I want to feel like I am a part of the product I use, promote it as I share it with my friends and family! I want to watch my tokenized rewards grow as their customer base expands and gains a life of its own. Give me the ability to store in my digital wallet freedom to trade it if I choose for Bitcoin, Ethereum other Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets.

Most consumers would appreciate this approach. Most would consider this kind of shopping entertaining, like a sort of a game. This interaction would directly impact how we shop and see brands in our every day life. How committed we are to these brands...

Also noteworthy is that product manufacturers already have all the needed tools to realize this concept at their disposal. Rewards, sweepstakes and coupons are already incorporated into manufacturing process and technically paved the way for adoption of tokenized consumer interaction. As a result dramatically decrease your marketing budgets, increase sales by gaining new customer base and reduce waste!

So please keep your stickers, sweepstakes and giveaways that I will peel off and discard into the trash bin. Save the planet from these outdated and wasteful practices and evolve your marketing to the new level. Interact with me and your every day customer in an eco-friendly and revolutionary manner.

The example I share in this post takes place at the supermarket, but every day we make buying decisions. Application of Blockchain technology will revolutionize the way consumers interact with brands. The brands that catch on, will have a tremendous advantage over their competition. Clothes, electronics, cars, travel, food, bars, restaurants can all benefit greatly from applying this practice, while the same applies to services from B2B to B2C.

Companies and brands that catch on, will have a tremendous advantage over their competition! Don’t get left behind. This is the future and it should start today!



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