Personally, I never considered that coming up with the right name for your ‘Product’ or ‘Company’ would be a difficult task... Actually, without the right approach, it is quite an undertaking.

In the past 6 months we created two brands and after the second time applying this method, I thought to share the experience. Hope that it helps!
Where did we start?

We scheduled a conference call with key team members, grabbed a piece of paper and began writing down words, terms and acronyms relevant to our industry and product. Writing them down helped us visualize them on paper and saying them out loud to one another, turned them into something tangible.

Right away we scratched off the options that were too long, difficult to pronounce, lacked visual stimulation in written form and clarity for expressing our vision. We eliminated the clutter and left the call with a short list of 5 combinations, clearly relaying the concept of our product.

Next step in mission was to find the fitting domain. As a primarily opensource software development company .com and .io are the desired sub-domains. After matching the short list to a quick domain search, the options dwindled down and the available options narrowed down to less than a handful.

So in this process of searching, visualizing the written words and saying these options out loud, we found the winner - MobiDAX! and are our domain names as we grow our product and services to become the #1 solution for Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform SaaS.

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