This article is about optimizing the work you do with your designer or 3rd party design team. It is written to help you feel joy every time you look at your ‘Brand Assets’ and ‘Logo’.

Our team loves our logo! In this article we’re using our ‘Logo’ and ‘Brandbook’ design story as an example.

Before getting into the story we would like to give a warm-hearted shout-out to our design team from Kyiv, Ukraine: X-Change DESIGN STUDIO and the man behind the magic, Artem Sekarev.

Thank you guys! You will always have our business!

Logo: What was included? 5 variation of our logo. Once we had our top pick, X-Change team would do the edits to the finalist and make additional adjustments per our request. Also included were a favicon and a variety of different sized assets of the logo, to fit most social media sites and advertising assets.

Brandbook: What was included? Style guide, brand colors, brand fonts, brand background layout, Facebook banner, business card design, t-shirt design, icons for Android/iOS application and presentation layout to cover 6 different pages.

Where did we start? We were asked to complete an extremely long ‘product brief’ designed as a tool for asking questions about the vision for our brand, our industry, service/product that we offered, if we were strict corporate or playful or something in between, the colors we liked, product name as it is written, sample images associated with our product and sample logos that were appealing to us.

Those were just a few items mentioned from the brief, and they are just scratching the surface, but here is a quick fact:

You should expect and take the time to complete a lengthy brief for your designer or design team.

As we completed this brief with a few members of our team, we began to form an image of what we were really after. This process was an eye opener as we encountered questions we never considered ourselves. As we completed this brief, we removed concepts and images that were not associated with our team and product vision. In the process of completion we successfully formed the image unifying us as team, company and product. The centerpirce to spearhead our mission of developing innovative software using cutting edge technology, and revolutionizing the development of FinTech Software for trading Stable Coins, Digitized Assets, Fiat and Cryptocurrencies!

We found our spirit animal. MobiDAX was born — A WHALE!

Here is the first example for us sharing the vision with our design team:


Why did we see ourselves as a whale?

Resemblance to the Docker whale, with Docker being one of the key technologies in our software stack. Whales live in the oceans but can see at the clouds as they come up to breathe. MobiDAX is a Cloud based, yet, our software stack can deployed as a hybrid solution - on Bare Metal and Cloud. Best of both worlds!

MobiDAX surfs the waves of cutting edge technologies and uses Flutter (by Google) framework for cross-platform compatibility. GraphQL makes us lightning fast, easy to manage and flexible for 3rd Party API integrations.


MobiDAX back-end technology (out of the box) is Opensource, specifically compatible with OpenDAX by Openware. (We will share more about this great company and their Opensource contribution later!)

MobiDAX swims the oceans from continent to continent, and thanks to GraphQL, our software is compatible with any DAX Back-end, as a Front-end DAX Interface.

What happened next:

X-Change DESIGN STUDIO team presented us with the 5 options for the logo and these were our first two choices from the 5 offered by the design team:

Our team spent a few days discussing these options. Then Artem Sekarev asked us to meet on a quick call.. With a clear vision of our goal, Artem told us that MobiDAX is innovative, uses cutting edge technology, with a friendly team and we just had to choose the second logo option. He shared that his designer felt inspired by this logo design and would do everything possible to improve it until we love it! We were convinced! The following day, X-Change DESIGN STUDIO presented us with more options of this logo:

We had our WINNER! It resonated with us right away and we never looked back!

But we still had to get our colors right, and after some back and forth in our Telegram chat with X-Change DESIGN STUDIO, the colors were dialed in:


The rest of the work on MobiDAX ‘Brandbook’ was done by X-Change DESIGN STUDIO. They had the brief, understood our product and team. In this process they became an extension of MobiDAX, and shared our vision.

MobiDAX will be with our team ( as we continue to develop and improve our software. Digital Asset Exchange development, customization and ownership will never be the same. (We actually have a lot more in store for the Blockchain Community!)

Follow us on Twitter and connect with us on LinkedIn or Facebook to learn more about us!

Thank you for reading our story!

Check out some cool elements from our Brandbook done by X-Change DESIGN STUDIO.
(We are looking forward to the opportunity to wear the t-shirts and hoodies!)