Our team began developing cryptocurrency trading platforms in 2017 and we haven't looked back. Blockchain based asset trading software became our primary area of specialization over the years and we are proud to be on a short list of software development companies building innovative FinTech solutions for world renown brands. But this conversation is not about us..

Today, our conversation is about the evolution of traditional trading services. The landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate, creating opportunities to capture a piece of the growing market and your business becoming a market leader is as real of an opportunity as can be.

Over the years we have seen hundreds of projects go to market, while deploying a fair share of crypto exchange platforms and trading services ourselves. So what can we say from the bird’s eye view of the industry?

Forget what you already know and grown accustomed to, because the market is hungry for innovation. The next Binance-like success story is just around the corner and waiting for those brave enough to embrace outside of the box thinking.

The idea of another standard exchange platform making its service available to the public doesn’t measure up to the likes of the existing industry giants. Yes, you can win a piece of the market understanding the local demand and solving the immediate gap, but don’t expect to stay idle and retain your user base.

Primary focus of a modern day exchange platform needs to include the end user. The message behind your business has to revolve around prospering along with your user base, or giving the end-user access to a service(s) that makes sense paying for. Seems simple enough, make the end user happy and they will help you win the market... But how do you do this?

Today’s success story is directly tied to progress. All successful projects are attracting their user base by giving them access to the basic services they’re used to and a unique service winning enough of their curiosity to sign up. This curiosity has to be converted into a carefully guided conversation, one that makes your user base feel like their opinion is of utmost value to your business. Sharing your ideas for platform evolution and gathering the end users input, while developing these ideas into software based solutions is the core formula for winning loyalty.

Successful exchange platforms embrace continuous improvement practices and expand their list of available features and services. These companies are successful because they understand that being just an exchange is not enough of a business advantage.

What is to be expected from cryptocurrency and fiat trading services for the next couple of years?

- Cross-platform. Say goodbye to Web only services and stay in line with mobile take over trends. 100% responsive Web UI is a step in the right direction, but this service has to be available on Apple and Google App Markets as an application.

- Security and service stability. These two core services must feel like features to the end-user. Never underestimate the importance of effective communication in general, but specifically around these two topics. Conversations with the user base in terms they can understand and relate to, will directly impact loyalty and new member referrals.

- Flawless deposit, storage and withdrawal process. Spend the time to make this process as pleasant as possible for your user base. Secure the process and communicate impact security has on any potential delays impacting any of these processes.

- Simple Trading. Nothing attracts new users like simplifying services to the most common possible request - currency exchange. Make it simple for the end user to do the most common request, trade one currency for another. Crypto to crypto, fiat to crypto or crypto to fiat with a ‘grandma-friendly’ interface and user flow. Make this process available for the masses and create a loyalty reward token around this process and give your one time user a reason to create a profile on your platform where they already store their reward and have the options of transferring their investment portfolio to your service.

- Innovative Features. This section has no limits. Social trading, competitive trading, NFT trading, digitize asset trading, investment with guaranteed dividends, cross platform trading, indices, managed indices, advanced trading types, pooled mining and the list can go on and on.

- Education and custom news feeds. Access to education and news is welcome by everyone from professional traders to curious investors, HODL’ers and day traders. Craft a newsworthy feed and win lifelong customers reliant on your feed as their primary source of information.

Having a clear vision of this Crypto powered financial evolution, in 2020 we began developing an all inclusive service composed of 3 separate B2B centric SaaS solutions:

- Crypto & Fiat Currency Converter SaaS: Simple converter intended to satisfy the most common request, exchange one currency to another. Crypto to crypto, fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat. Simple administration and advanced cross-exchange trading to satisfy

- Cryptocurrency Exchange SaaS: Cross-platform and all device friendly Advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange SaaS with a mix of plug and play features. Unlimited customization capabilities and 3rd party service friendly software solution. View 3rd party exchange data directly on MobiDAX powered User Interface and trade across multiple supported exchanges from a single application.

- Digital Wallet SaaS: Deposit, store & withdraw, coupled with the ability for the end user to host their own blockchain node(s) on their desktop computer or a rented VM. Synchronize their Mobile App as an authorized device to control the funds. Ideal software for Bitcoin forked coins directly impacting the physical size of their network of user hosted nodes.

Each one of these Software as a Service solutions can be deployed as a stand alone service or as an addition to an existing service. In our opinion, this 3 point solution is a winning combination and should be viewed as an advanced MVP for an Enterprise solution, capable of measuring up to the likes of Binance, Coinbase and Kraken.

Today is March 2021 and Bitcoin is over $50k and Tesla recently doubled their $1.5 billion BTC purchase and crypto is viral. Our team is communicating with more Startups and FinTech Enterprise services who share common visions and belief that the next step for crypto is to coexist with fiat and the shift for the masses has just begun.

The path we picked for software development has a bright future and we want to talk to more companies that share the vision of a crypto entwined financial future. Together we will continue driving mass adoption as we directly impact industry growth, so contact us, we want to hear from you!